Mike has recently completed restoring Bobby Braxton's blue 35 car.  Mike worked with Mr. Bobby Braxton to complete the car utilizing all original pieces and techniques.  The pictures below show the steps of the process.  

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Condition of car before reconditioning


braxton frame 2.jpg (53370 bytes)    braxton frame.jpg (49926 bytes)    braxton frame black.jpg (58483 bytes)    braxton rear close.jpg (109999 bytes)
Original frame after media blasting / Original frame painted black / Sandblasted rear suspension


braxton before blast.jpg (57462 bytes)    braxton after blast a.jpg (38805 bytes)    braxton after blast b.jpg (41560 bytes)
Body before and after sand blasting


braxton together a.jpg (53879 bytes)    braxton together b.jpg (52113 bytes)    braxton together c.jpg (57016 bytes)
Completed rust repair and patching


braxton car 1.jpg (50383 bytes)    braxton car 2.jpg (44498 bytes)    braxton car 3.jpg (43689 bytes)
Beginning stages of fiberglass and body work


braxton e.jpg (23029 bytes)    braxton f.jpg (46357 bytes)    braxton g.jpg (48577 bytes)
Body primed / Plastic work and body work


braxton a.jpg (29697 bytes)    braxton b.jpg (33619 bytes)
Body primed

braxton c.jpg (63199 bytes)    braxton d.jpg (53317 bytes)
Frame ready to mount body


braxton together d.jpg (57187 bytes)    braxton together e.jpg (53725 bytes)    braxton together f.jpg (31784 bytes)
Body mounted and painted light blue

braxton finished 1a.jpg (47336 bytes)
Finished full restoration

braxton finished 1.jpg (36887 bytes)    braxton finished 2.jpg (35152 bytes)    braxton finished 3.jpg (48902 bytes)
Finished full restoration with Mr. Braxton at wheel

braxton finished 4.jpg (57048 bytes)    braxton finished 5.jpg (56630 bytes)
Picture 1- Mike Grim, Shane Grim, & Bobby Braxton at completed car
Picture 2- Mike Grim, Mrs. Braxton, Mr. Braxton, and Jeremy Waszkiewicz




Bobby started the original car in 1966.
He used a 1948 Ford Coupe street car and a 1955 Chevy street car for parts to build the car

The 1955 Chevy frame was the original frame used under the car
The roll cage was constructed from 1 1/2" square tubing
The steering was the 1955 Chevy mounted sideways under the left frame rail with a drag 
link running to the left front.  There were 2 "U" joints used in the steering shaft to place 
the steering wheel in the center of the car.  the 17" 1955 Chevy steering wheel 
was also used to provide leverage since there was no power steering.
The 1937 Ford coupe body was purchased from Frankie Schneider with a case of beer.
The coupe body had no hood or trunk and Bobby made the trunk from the 
roof of the 1955 Chevy.  The hood also came from the Chevy.
The seat was from an International dump truck.
The engine was a used 327 with a carburetor. 
The car was painted Fawn Beige.

The car was first raced at the Reading Fairgrounds in September 1967.
It was also run at Nazareth 1/2 mile.

In 1968, Bobby replaced the car's rear with a Frankland Quick Change.  
Bobby also changed the car color to metallic blue.

By 1969, Bobby spent the following amount thus far on the car:
Brakes and Hubs-
1 1/2" square tubing for cage-
Fuel Injection (1969)-
Quick Change (1968)-
All tires, tubes, & wheels (2 Racemaster Snake Tread, 1 stock passenger car tire, & 1939 Ford wheel)-

During the 1970 season, Bobby could no longer afford to race on his own.  In 1971, Bobby hooked up with Ronnie Kehl and Gerry Gilbert to run their #10 car.  Because he was making a little money driving for them, Bobby decided to update his own car.

At this time, Bobby traded a Chevy 12 bolt rear for a 65 Ford frame and steering box.
He bought mild steel tubing and borrowed a tubing bender.  He built a new frame and cage.
He used the front axel, quick change, and brakes from the first car.
He shortened the left axel tube to 26" and the right to 28".
He mounted the Ford steering box inside the car and made a bellcrank to 
change the direction of the steering to the right front.

The seat was a fiberglass racing seat.
Bobby bought a NASCAR approved fuel cell from Gerald Chamberlain for $300.
When he mounted the body, Bobby welded the trunk lid solid and "bobbed" the rear portion of the body.
The Chevy transmission was replaced with a stronger Ford 3 speed.
The engine was a .060" over 454.  
Bobby bought the block, crank, rods, and heads from Bob Fisher Chevrolet.  
The cam is a $35 Chet Herbert Roller with a Chevy truck gear drive.  
The engine was assembled by Dick Cadwaldader.
Bobby painted the car School Bus Yellow.
Bobby later changed the color to light blue.

The car was run with the Big Block at Nazareth small track, once at Reading, a few 
times at Flemington, and once at Lincoln.  It was run with the Small Block at Nazareth, 
Reading, and once at the 1 1/8 mile Nazareth track.

Sometime in 1978, Bobby took the engine out and used it in his ride at the time 
which was the Frank Wiechecki #74.  The car was never raced again.




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