The Freddy Adam Tribute Car  

This tribute car is made from the original Freddy Adam’s 1977 modified body (as reported by Freddy Adam) and is placed on an original Bobby Malzahn chassis (as reported by Paul Fuchs).  Many Reading fans will remember Malzahn as the winner of the first ever modified race at Reading Fairgrounds in 1963.  At the request of Freddy Adam, the original modified body was united with a Ford Flathead in remembrance of where he began his racing and where he ended. Many other various parts from throughout Freddy's racing were used to build this tribute car, all in an attempt to capture the many aspects of this diverse driver's career, his love for the sport, and the appreciation of all who helped him get to the finish line.  Freddy Adam began his racing with the Ford Flathead in 1949.  The mid to late 1980s modified chassis represents the last 1/3 of his racing career.  Freddy raced his last modified race in 1994 at Penn National Speedway.  


The Freddy Adam Tribute Car made its début at the RFRHS 30th Anniverisary of the Reading Fairgrounds Closing Show held at the Reading Phillies' First Energy Stadium.  It was then awarded the "Best Appearing Race Car," sponsored by Winner's Circle Awards, at the 2009 Reading Fair. 

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The condition of the car when acquired by Mike Grim's from Rory Schlenker.


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The body after blasting the old paint and rust.


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Before and after pictures of the altering of the Bobby Malzahn 
built frame to fit Freddy's original body.


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The frame, reconditioned and painted.


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The original letterer, Dennis Smith, was hired again 
to re-letter the painted body to its original layout.


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Freddy and Mary Adam with the finished tribute car.


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The Painter/Body Technician and the Mechanic 
who helped complete the project.


Thank you for all the memories Freddy!!




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