mack-stros-i-ty noun 1. an RV that is markedly unusual or deformed 2. an RV hideous or frightful, repaired with Mack parts, and Freightliner, and Volvo, and... 
                 verb 1. the quality or state of deviating greatly from the natural form or character

Restoration and modification

RV 1.jpg (245027 bytes)        RV 2.jpg (256464 bytes)        RV3.jpg (230717 bytes)
Cutting and eliminating original crashed front end structure


RV 4.jpg (271083 bytes)        RV 5.jpg (272763 bytes)        Rv 6.jpg (243458 bytes)        Rv 7.jpg (203568 bytes)
Cut and fit Mack Model MH fiberglass cab's windshield, firewall, cowl, and door aperture assembly.
Installing Mack granite door assemblies.  


RV 9.jpg (156012 bytes)
Replacing damaged side panel sections.


RV 10.jpg (149666 bytes)        RV 11.jpg (196970 bytes)        RV 12.jpg (192865 bytes)
Prepped to be painted base colors


RV 13.jpg (258189 bytes)        RV 14.jpg (272250 bytes)
Fitting and installing windshield wiper and top cowl assembly  


      RV 15.jpg (196501 bytes)        RV 16.jpg (239467 bytes)
Fitting and readjusting side compartment doors after being rebuilt from crash.


RV 18.jpg (238826 bytes)
Cutting and fitting side skirt to sill step pocket


RV 19.jpg (220037 bytes)        RV 20.jpg (193169 bytes)        RV 24.jpg (212679 bytes)
Side angle view and profile of Freightliner Century sunvisor assembly.
Cut to fit adjustable spotlights
Fit with unfinished Volvo European-style conventional hood.
Bumper unfinished.


RV 21.jpg (210878 bytes)        RV 22.jpg (274695 bytes)        RV 23.jpg (167919 bytes)
Works well enough for camping...will be finished when the snow falls.


RV 25.jpg (209443 bytes)        RV 26.jpg (194268 bytes)        RV 27.jpg (174988 bytes)
Addition of a Volvo bumper with fog lights and custom painting.




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